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    Our mission at Ask Me is to create a space for deeper connections through meaningful conversations. We believe that true healing and positive change can only happen when people take the time to listen, understand, and empathise with one another. Our card game is designed to facilitate these conversations, helping players to open up, share their stories, and connect on a deeper level. By fostering a sense of community and understanding, we hope to contribute to a more compassionate and empathetic world, one conversation at a time.


    In today’s age, we live busy lives, trying to strike a balance between work, school, hobbies, self-care and more.


    Some people graft so hard that their family connections fall by the wayside. The family connection is the most important bond ever. Not only can it lower anxiety and depression, but it can help regulate emotions, improve self-esteem and amplify empathy which boosts one's immune systems. So yes! By neglecting your need to connect, you put your physical and mental health at risk.


    Through this interactive game and our complimentary services like our Conflict Service, we want to create a safe space for these essential exchanges to take place.

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    Family Mediation Service (F.A.R.E.S)

    We understand that relationships face their complexities. If you're feeling the strain, conflicts, or just need a bit of support, check out our Family & Relationship Empowerment Service


    Our community mediators are like peace architects, guiding you to better communication and understanding.


    Let's build stronger, more connected families together!


    Endorsed By The Violent Crime Reduction Unit / The Home Office
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    Introducing Ask Me, The Interactive Family Bonding Card Game, along with the complimentary Keeping Families Together Toolkit, now accessible for all. These thoughtfully designed resources are tailored to nurture deep family bonds, recognising the emotional hurdles families face in navigating parenthood and sustaining relationships.


    Our goal is to empower families, fostering enduring connections resilient to life's challenges.

    With Ask Me, The Family Edition, embark on a journey to unveil the keys to lasting, meaningful relationships. Together, let's create a supportive space where families not only endure but flourish.

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    The Care Act 2014

    Ask Me The Game and toolkit are aligned with the Care Act 2014, emphasising family well-being, preventive strategies, and empowering individuals. The Care Act prioritises the well-being of individuals and families, a principle echoed in Ask Me's mission to foster profound family connections and address emotional challenges.


    By promoting communication and resilience-building activities, Ask Me supports early intervention, aligning with the Care Act's emphasis on prevention. Through meaningful interactions and support resources, Ask Me empowers families to navigate challenges, contributing to their overall well-being and fulfillment, thus complementing the objectives of the Care Act 2014.

  • We Offer Family & Relationship Mediation 

  • "I loved the icebreakers, the additional power cards and the QR codes that enhanced the experience. A great set of questions that helped me and my aunty realign"

    Sophia - Parent of 3

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    "I play this game every sunday with my family and let me tell you, the dynamics in my household has transformed"

    Trevor, Parent & Uncle

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    TOOLKIT (Now available)

    Step into the realm of meaningful connections and introduce the magic of deeper relationships into the homes of the families you serve.


    Tailored for social workers, family support professionals, or anyone dedicated to working with families, this resource acknowledges the pivotal role you play in nurturing positive connections.


    Let this toolkit be your companion in elevating your efforts. Reach out to us today to discover more and embark on a journey of transformative family support.      


    This toolkit is not just a resource; it's a roadmap for professionals like you to enhance your practice, enrich your interactions, and contribute to the creation of more connected and supportive communities. Ready to unlock the secrets of meaningful relationships? Click the link below and begin your journey!

  • Download Our Rules - The PDF Version

    When played correctly, this game generates a safe, fun and loving space that is designed to challenge you to dig deeper than ever before. Please download the rules so you can get the full benefits of this game



  • "Many young people are scared to ask a family member a question for fear of getting cancelled or disciplined - We must move beyond that and look for deeper and more meaningful connections."  

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    Play A.S.K Me at

    The dinner table 

    With friends and family

    At school

    With children

    Team building and events

    Retreats and icebreakers

    To heal relationships

    To develop deeper connections

    To have a bit of fun

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    Different Editions

    • Family Edition (i.e. Father & Son Edition) 2022
    • Mother and Daughter etc.
    • The Office Edition
    • The Lover's Edition
    • Lets Explore Racism
    • The Youth Edition
    • Healing Edition
    • So many ideas

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    The Power of Games

    A.S.K Me | The Game is indeed a game that can be used as a powerful vehicle for helping people develop deeper and meaningful bonds.


    The beautiful thing about games like this is that it has the ability to connect people across differences such as race, gender, origins etc. A.S.K is an invitation to explore, a journey that can help people expand in amazing ways.

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    Let's Explore

    Even though every relationship is unique, they all have one thing in common: A need for a deepening. It doesn't matter if you have been with your partner for years, you and your friend might be navigating a rough patch, or just for laughs and honest exploration

    A.S.K Me | The Game has been designed to deepen connections in a raw and genuine way. Go deeper and grow closer in your relationships. Let's go deep, conversations about what is going on in the world or whats is going on in our own minds.

  • “Think back to the most important experiences of your life, the highest highs, the greatest victories, the most daunting obstacles overcome. How many happened to you alone? I bet there are very few. When you understand that being connected to others is one of life’s greatest joys, you realize that life’s best comes when you initiate and invest in solid relationships.” - John C. Maxwell

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    Donate To Our Cause

    We are raising funds to design, print and promote the new card game that creates space for deeper connections.

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  • Ask Me Family Pack: Create Memories Through Conversation

    Rediscover the joy of meaningful conversations with your family using our Family Pack, featuring 140 prompts designed to build connection and intimacy.


    • Embrace quality family time with engaging prompts that spark heartfelt discussions and strengthen bonds.
    • Develop essential life skills while having fun together; practice thinking on the fly, articulating thoughts, and understanding different perspectives in a safe and enjoyable environment.
    • Create lasting memories as you laugh and converse together—whether on the couch, in the car, or at the dinner table.
    • Gain deeper insights into your children's evolving interests, beliefs, and opinions, fostering a stronger connection with who they're becoming.
    • Establish delightful conversation as a cherished family tradition, enhancing communication skills that extend into everyday life.
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee

    Join the thousands of families worldwide using Ask Me to enrich their family time with meaningful conversations.

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